notre Dame Stadium Seating Chart

NOTE: Seating layouts may change depending on the type of event. Please check the individual seating chart when selecting your tickets.

The seat numbers at Notre Dame Stadium follow a very simple pattern. Seat number 1 will always be closest to lower numbered section adjacent to it. For example seat 1 in section 9 will be closest to section 8, and the highest seat number in section 9 will be closest to section 10. It is also important to note that the aisle runs through to the middle of each section.

Student Seating

The student sections at Notre Dame Stadium are located in Sections 28-36.

Student section tickets cannot be purchased on the secondary market, as students are given booklets for all home games that are transferable. Furthermore, to use the student ticket, you will be required to show a valid student I.D. at security checkpoints.

Notre Dame Bench

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish bench is located in front of Sections 26-29. Where else, the visitors’ bench is located in front of Sections 8-11.

Preferred Seating

Notre Dame Stadiums preferred seating area includes seats with chair backs. They are located in front of Sections 8-11 and 26-29.

These seats are incredibly difficult to find on the secondary market, and when found are sold at a premium.

What are the best seats at Notre Dame Stadium?

The best seats at Notre Dame Stadium are located in the sections closest to midfield, sections 9-10 and 27-28.

When sitting in these sections it is wise to consider tickets in rows 11 and up, as the height of these rows will give you the necessary height to view the plays develop all over the field.

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