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Notre Dame fightin irish

Are you ready to see heart-stopping gridiron action from one of the strongest teams in college football today? Then you can’t afford to miss out on seeing The Fighting Irish play like champions on their home turf of Notre Dame Stadium. You could join Notre Dame’s fans in cheering on this winning team from one of over 77,000 seats in what is considered by many, the greatest stadium in collegiate sports. But only if you act now!

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Tickets:

Last year, this roster had a blistering 12-1 record only losing against last year’s undefeated champion. But if you think that that loss has slowed down Notre Dame, then you have another thing coming. Notre Dame already has two strong wins to start their 2019 season, and head coach Brian Kelly has no intention of giving up now. The team has trained for this and every man on the field has their eyes on the prize. The roster is stronger than ever before with up and coming rookies joining seasoned veterans. Every player is hungry to bring home the wins and fans are already lining up to book their seats to see the action. If you love football and expect high-quality play, then you can’t possibly miss out.

Can Notre Dame keep up the pressure and prove that they have what it takes? Sports commentators certainly think so and you can watch the hard-hitting plays from this star lineup by ordering your tickets to see the Fighting Irish play at Notre Dame Stadium.

Notre Dame football tickets

Over 100 Years of Excellence

With the strong numbers that Notre Dame puts up today, it’s hard to believe that the program wasn’t always the top priority for the university. But back when the team was founded in 1887, the team lost their first game 8-0 against Michigan. Their first win didn’t come until the last game of the 1888 season when they bested Harvard Prep School of Chicago for a score of 20-0. The team didn’t even have a head coach until James L. Morison was hired in 1894, where he was determined to bring prominence to the team’s program. In his two week tenure, he set a precedent of demanding the very best from team players when he whipped the players in shape who weren’t focused or disciplined enough to work.

This drive for excellence helped the team excel when they caught their first touchdown pass in 1908 and later won their first victory over Michigan the following year which led to Michigan’s 33-year refusal to play Notre Dame. By 1912, the team that started their existence with a 1-3 record, had recorded an impressive 108 wins, 31 losses, and 13 ties.

The Fighting Irish continued to grow, amassing wins and developing the team’s culture of respectability, dignity, and determination that began to draw fans to follow the team and celebrate their ups and downs. Eventually, Notre Dame became known as one of the strongest teams in collegiate play, leading to the 2018 team that had come off their 10-3 Citrus Bowl season in 2017. Their first game that year, against their rival Michigan, led to a 24-17 win that set the tone for the rest of the year. They pushed through and earned wins against Stanford and Virginia Tech, earned themselves a spot in the national semifinals, and were seen as a favorite selection to win the entire championship, until the eventual national champion Tigers beat them during the semifinals.

Now the Fighting Irish are back, and if their history of strength and determination is to be believed, then football fans may be looking at a championship contender.

Notre Dame football

The Notre Dame Players to Watch this Season

2019 is shaping up to be one of Notre Dame’s strongest seasons in the regular season. A large part of this prediction comes from the star offensive lineup that is set to make waves across the league. Here are the players that you will want to watch out for.

Quarterback Ian Book is a dual-threat with last year’s 68.2% completion average for 2,628 yards as well as his 280 yards rushing including 4 touchdowns. Book’s passing averages included 19 touchdowns and only 7 INT’s, making him a strong frontman for the Fighting Irish offense. Clemson was the only team that managed to halt this quarterbacks progress requiring a focused pressure strategy that most other teams can’t hope to match. The fact he has two great passing targets also helps Notre Dame’s offense excel.

Wide Receivers Chase Claypool and Chris Finke are the other parts of Notre Dame’s passing triple threat. When these three are on the field together, you know that it’s going to be an incredible match.

Claypool is a large player who still runs faster than most players his size. Last year he managed 50 receptions for 639 yards and 4 TD’s as the no. 2 receivers. As he grows in experience, this heavy-duty receiver is expected to excel, especially now that he’s taking the No. 1 duties after Miles Boykin left. Sports commentators expect Claypool to outdo last year’s records by a significant margin. Finke is a shifty player who can get in, grab the ball, and reliably move it up the field. Last year he recorded 49 receptions for 571 yards with 2 TDs. Some commentators believe he will end up in the No. 2 spot, but he’s going to be used as a reliable backup receiver for Book. Any defense will need to keep an eye out on him at all times.

A Trip to the Home of the Fighting Irish

All home games will be played at Notre Dame Stadium, an incredible outdoor stadium that plays hosts to games and The University of Notre Dame’s commencements. The stadium first opened in 1930 with a seating capacity just shy of 60,000 for decades until the 1997 season that added 21,000 seats. The over 80,000 seat capacity was then reduced back down to 77,622 after the Campus Crossroads Renovation.

The long-time stadium may have seen a few renovations and updates by now, including the adoption of artificial turf in 2014 after 84 seasons of natural grass, but it still holds many features that stand out as a major part of Notre Dame’s identity. These features include The Word of Life mural that depicts Jesus Christ and looms over the stadium. The famous mural was a gift to the university of Mr. And Mrs. Howard V. Phalin of Winnetka, Illinois. Because the mural depicts Jesus with his arms upraised similar to a referee, it has been affectionately called Touchdown Jesus, and players and fans can be seen observing the mural after every touchdown.

The stadium has always been designed for comfort and maximum enjoyment of the games and events that it hosts, which included the 2014 renovation that widened the seats for modern comfort needs.

When you order your tickets to visit Notre Dame Stadium, you aren’t just experiencing one of the strongest teams in collegiate football, you are also experiencing a combination of history and modernism that will be impressive no matter where you’re seated.